When I recently discovered my teenage son no longer carries books to school, because “it’s all in the cloud now dad”, made me reflect on how things have changed in the accountancy world.

In my (nearly) 30 years in the profession, what accountants do and what people expect from their accountant has changed hugely. In times gone by, when we used dusty ledgers to keep our records, our role would be primarily to ensure clients are submitting accounts and returns on time and operating within the rules. Whilst this part of our work is still very important (minus the dusty ledgers), we now live in a very changing world and it is more important than ever that advice is proactive.

For example, we have “Making Tax Digital” around the corner, so we have recently been busy advising clients on the best software for them, providing training and technical support. I have also been busy meeting with clients prior to the end of the tax year to discuss actions to save tax as well as being mindful of changing rules.

In my view it is also important for accountants to work closely with other professionals to ensure a wholistic view is considered when advice is given. Ultimately, I think we will be looking at a world where each client effectively has a team of advisors on hand through one avenue. This is the way in which we are shaping Ivybridge Accountants to ensure clients have access to wholistic advice, with contacts in the HR world, legal advice and trustworthy IFA’s, all of which are experts in their field.

In short, we live in a very different world to when I joined the profession, which means we all need to be aware of changes, but I do still quite like a dusty ledger!

Simon Jilks FCCA – Director
01752 895648