Further to the PM’s address on 4th January we are now again in lockdown. This means, for the time being, unfortunately we cannot facilitate client face to face meetings or drop in’s to the office. We do have other means of communication available to us, so please do contact the office on 01752 895648 should you wish to speak with us.

If you need to drop in records please either put them through our letterbox, or leave in our lobby and call the office to let us know they are there, but please do not come up the stairs.

We are remaining operational as we are an essential service, especially at this very busy time, just behind locked doors effectively for the safety of our staff.

At the time of writing there are no further financial measures announced and no deadlines relaxed, so we will be aiming to complete all self-assessment tax returns by the deadline of 31st January 2021. Of course, if this changes we will relay this. We are under enormous pressure to achieve this, regrettably, if you have not yet sent in your information to us, we may need to consider submitting estimated returns, but we will of course do our best.

As always, I will endeavour to keep you updated with any new announcements, we are here should you need us. Good luck, I am sure brighter times are ahead.

Thank you

Kind Regards,
Simon Jilks FCCA