Tax Investigation Service

Minimising Your Risk

Investigations can be intrusive and whilst we cannot prevent HMRC from selecting you or your company for investigation, we can help lessen the stress by dealing with HMRC on your behalf.

Having an expert who is familiar with your business and tax affairs is crucial in handling HMRC enquiries – Ivybridge Accountants Tax Investigation Service offers you the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome, giving you peace of mind that our fees are covered for the time taken in supporting you.

Should you be subject to a Tax Investigation, Ivybridge Accountants Ltd will support you every step of the way – Offering representation to HMRC on your behalf, handling all correspondence, interactions and attending one-to-one meetings, to try to help keep any investigation as short as possible, minimising the disruption to your business.

Terms and Conditions

* Our Tax Investigation Service does not cover any of the following

  • Existing investigations and disputes at the time you subscribe to the service.
  • Investigations and disputes where your Tax Returns are late / in a penalty position.
  • Where there are allegations of fraud or other serious misdemeanours, for instance investigations by the Fraud Investigation Service of HMRC.
  • Routine annual compliance work undertaken for you by Ivybridge Accountants Ltd.
  • Work outside the scope of our standard Tax Advisory services and specialist tax advice / support fees – (Should we need to seek to resolve an investigation).
  • Enquiries into tax planning arrangements where HMRC have allocated a Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Scheme (DoTAS) Number and/or bespoke tax planning arrangements outside of the normal trade.
  • It is essential that you notify us immediately when you become aware of an event which may give rise to a claim.

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